WiFi Sharing Network

"It's like airbnb for your wifi connection!"

Download our app and easily publish your Public or Private "Guest" WiFi network information. Anyone using the app can search and find your public access information or email you to request private access.

Sifi App - Make extra cash selling your WiFi Connection

Just moved into your new apartment?

Traveling and staying at an Airbnb?

Over for thanksgiving and need grandpa's WiFi info?

We’ve all been there....

Sifi let’s you share your WiFi and allows you to find others people's shared WiFi instantly.

You can even send them a gift as a thank you for using their internet connection!

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Create Hosts

Easily add your WiFi Guest Network or Hotspot host by GPS location and set it to public or private access for everyone who knows/finds your host name.

Search For Hosts

Quickly search for host names on the entire network directly from the app! You can view their access information instantly on the app or via private email.

Preferred Hosts

If you like a particular host, you can set that as your preferred network for quicker access from the dashboard view in the app.

Public / Private

Public networks display the login password to everyone for free. Private networks require the guest to email you for access information on your own terms outside our network.

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Q: What is Sifi?

A: Sifi is a platform that allows people to share their WiFi with others in their area. Think of it like Airbnb for your WiFi connection. You can list your host details for free either publicly or privately and also accept a paypal payment from users that connect to your WiFi router or hotspot.

Q: What about if someone does illegal activity while connected to your WiFi?

A: We recommend that hosts follow best practices when opening up their WiFi to others. Most routers nowadays provide a "Guest" configuration that you can setup quickly and easily using their wizard setup process. This will isolate the guest network from your private network and you can create blacklist websites and monitor activity and ban IP addresses. These are usually more advanced host settings but most users won't really need to worry about it. Hosts can email our techsupport@getsifi.com if they want help setting up their router security.

Q: When will the Android app be available?

A: We are currently building the Android version and when it goes live we will post on our social media accounts. We hope to launch that in Jan 2018

Q: How many app downloads do we have?

A: As of the Nov 27th, 2017 we have just over 300 downloads for iOS worldwide, which may not seem very much but given we;ve only been live in the App Store under 30 days it's pretty cool to see people downloading it and using the app worldwide!

Q: What new features will the next versions on the app provide?

A: We want to make the sign up and account management process more secure. We need to add things like "forgot your password", and "email validation", and "reset your password", etc. We also want to improve how you can list a new host, find and connect to existing hosts, and customize the payment options better for the hosts, etc.

Q: We noticed that the design feels outdated, are you planning on building a new UI/UX experience?

A: Absolutely! We totally understand the design isn't spectacular for our first month "alive" in the marketplace. Being a bootstrapped startup that just launched we had to divert our limited funding to marketing and just launching the prototype as an MVP. So as we continue to scale up and grow our next focus will be the user experience and security to improve the product's value and credibility etc.